Fortnite Has Record-Shattering Day With 44.7 Million Players In Epic Frenzy

Fortnite, the battle royale sensation, has marked a historic day with over 44.7 million players joining in on the action, amassing a staggering 102 million hours of playtime. This milestone coincided with the launch of its latest season, aptly dubbed “Fortnite OG,” which takes players on a nostalgic trip back in time.

Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season OG is a celebration of the game’s rich history, with regular updates planned to introduce different phases from the battle royale’s past.

The initial focus of Fortnite OG centers around “Chapter 1: Season 5”. This means the return of iconic locations like Tilted Towers, which met a dramatic end in 2019, along with classic weaponry such as the assault rifle, pump shotgun, and hunting rifle. Players can also rev up their nostalgia with the reappearance of beloved vehicles like the shopping cart and the all-terrain kart.

Subsequent chapters will be revisited as well. On 9 November, a season 6-themed update will bring back favourites like quadcrashers and six-shooters. 16 November is set to tackle seasons 7 and 8, featuring Stormwing planes and mini-guns. Lastly, 23 November will dive into seasons 9 and X, welcoming jetpacks and the Baller. And there are hints of exciting surprises in store, as some of the unvaulted gear will stick around for multiple updates, or even for the entirety of Fortnite OG.

Live events from that era of the game will also be revisited. Expect to see nods to the memorable rolling cube, erupting volcano, and the black hole that shook the Fortnite world. Screenshots have hinted at the return of memorable events such as the meteor and the enigmatic cube hovering over Loot Lake. If these concepts sound alien to you, it’s a testament to how much you’ve missed out from Fortnite‘s early days, and an opportunity to uncover its magic.

This season boasts a shorter timeframe than usual, spanning just four weeks, in contrast to the typical three-month seasons. The battle pass, referred to as the OG pass here, will offer 50 unlockable items, half the usual number, but at the standard 950 V-bucks price. Completing the pass will reward players with 1,000 V-bucks, and Fortnite Crew subscribers can access the pass for free. In the in-game shop, players can explore a curated selection of classic, mashup, and fresh items, ensuring that Fortnite OG remains both nostalgic and exciting for its dedicated fan base.