Stranger Things Gets an 80s Style Adventure Game Makeover

Stranger Things was one of the best new shows to come to our attention in 2016. The constant reminders of our attachment to the 80s and cultural touchstones like E.T. and The Goonies hit the nostalgia mark hard. It was mysterious, intriguing, a great adventure to say the least, and what could package all that better than an old-school point-and-click adventure game?

That’s exactly what we are getting from the amazing people at Infamous Games, who “love old school adventure games,” lucky for us! The unauthorised and playable fan tribute is not a full game but definitely needs to be one.

Minor spoilers ahead!

You assume the role of Chief Hopper, together with officers Powell and Callahan, and of course Mr Clarke. Look for a clue as to where Will Byers might be, and the game ends.

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It’s a single screen experience, and it makes me hungry for more. A ’80s style game about a show set in the same period makes perfect sense, and you can totally experience that warm fuzzy feeling by downloading the game for free, right here!

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