Stranger Things 4 Volume 2

‘Stranger Things 4’ Finale Trailer Prepares Kids For Battle In 4-Hour Two-Part Conclusion

The highly-anticipated trailer for the two-part finale of Stranger Things 4 has dropped, and it seems everyone is ready to die on that hill. In the lead-up to its release on 1 July 2022, the upcoming season is teasing an epic conclusion with plenty of high-octane action, intense horror, and adventure thrills.

While the preview, which is set against Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill,‘ doesn’t make it clear when and how Eleven will reunite with her allies, it does feature glimpses of the group venturing into the Upside Down, presumably to defeat Vecna once and for all. It’s all looking pretty bleak, with the characters making some very ominous statements, so hopefully there won’t be any major character deaths here. Fingers crossed (yes, we know it’s Stranger Things, but let’s us hope)!

Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 is coming to Netflix on 1 July 2022, with the opening episode lasting 1 hour 20 minutes, and the finale clocking a 2.5-hour runtime. Considering the supersized length, it’s no wonder that these two episodes were still in production when the show premiered on the streamer after a long wait from fans.

Volume 1 revealed Vecna to be the malevolent presence that has been menacing Hawkins for years, and established Eleven and her friends as the only ones capable of taking him down. It also introduced several new characters, such as Victor Creel, Argyle, Eddie Muson, and Dmitri Antonov, and continues to enjoy a successful run after becoming Netflix’s top English-language TV season of all time.