StarCraft: Remastered is Available Right Now!

1998 is about to be pulled into the modern era with buzzwords such as 4K graphics and cloud saves!

If such terms are of any interest to you, then Blizzard’s modern version of StarCraft is perfect for you.

While the original game has been available since April 2017 to download and play for free it lacks all the essential modern features to make the game truly functional on modern rigs. What it does have is the good old control scheme which might be jarring for modern day gamers to adapt back to. No more rallying your worker units directly onto a resource node, you will have to MANUALLY direct them to do your bidding.

Such is the price of nostalgia.

Looks old school? Look at the unit portrait again.

By the time you’ve read this, StarCraft: Remastered has been available for a good part of the day. Judging by some of the responses online, the latest version has a good amount of praise with smattering of complaints that sounds more like entitled gamers not going in eyes open.

Perhaps the best way to see if the game scratches your itch would be to trial the older version first. After all, remasters are not necessarily the best thing to happen in all instances.

My thoughts? Bring on the custom games!

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