Star Wars: Visions Anime Anthology Showcases 7 Prominent Studios This September On Disney+

Back in December, Disney basically unleashed the motherlode as the company announced a full slate of shows that were taking the universe of Star Wars even further. One of those just so happened to be the intriguing Star Wars: Visions.

With the anticipation of an anthology of shorts that would be produced by some of Japan’s best animation studios, the potential was vast. Today, we got a glimpse of just how Star Wars anime would look like, and Star Wars: Visions is already shaping up to be all sorts of awesome.

In a special look, Disney has prepped the stage for Star Wars: Visions coming this 22 September on Disney+.

The series will feature nine episodes, each with its own animation and storytelling styles thanks to the following studios:

  • Kamikaze Douga – “The Duel”
  • Geno Studio (Twin Engine) – “Lop and Ochō”
  • Studio Colorido (Twin Engine) – “Tatooine Rhapsody”
  • Trigger – “The Twins” and “The Elder”
  • Kinema Citrus – “The Village Bride”
  • Science Saru – “Akakiri” and “T0-B1”
  • Production IG – “The Ninth Jedi”

Based on what we have seen, fans are going on a wild ride with Star Wars: Visions. The breadth of genres each of the shorts would attempt are vast, and it would be interesting to see just how Star Wars is reimagined in the different settings and styles.

It is always nice to see artists paying homage to a beloved property. It is even better when they get to do it in their own style. Get ready to witness Star Wars: Visions this coming 22 September on Disney+.

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