Canned LEGO Star Wars Battles Lives Once Again As Apple Arcade Exclusive

Second chances are precious and, thankfully, LEGO Star Wars Battles, which was canceled in July rises once more on the Apple’s Arcade platform.

Following the acquisition of developer Playdemic by EA, LEGO Star Wars Battles‘ servers were shuttered after a long two-year soft launch.

However, the only way to play this game moving forward would be via the Apple Arcade subscription service.

The game is not quite a base builder or tower defense per se. It’s more similar to auto battlers where players purchase troops and send them across the map to trample over their opponents. The real charm really comes from TT Games’ LEGO aesthetic combined with the Star Wars franchise.

At the same time, Apple Arcade is looking to bring on Layton’s Mystery Journey from Level-5. The Professor Layton series saw wide acclaim on Nintendo’s platforms and Apple is now making it easier for everyone to experience the title from 3 September 2021.