Star Wars Battlefront II Celebrates The Last Jedi Season with FREE DLC Content!

With Star Wars Battlefront II rapidly approaching on the horizon, the need for all things Star Wars can only intensify. Thankfully, the eighth episode of the epic space opera will be in theaters soon enough, and to celebrate The Last JediBattlefront II will be having a brand new set of experiences inspired by the film, aptly titled The Last Jedi Season. And yes, it will be FREE DLC content for all owners of the game!

Throughout a sure-to-be exciting four weeks period of season 1, players will get to choose a side – the New Republic or First Order – and battle in special faction quests, earning rewards based on their allegiance, beginning on December 5. That weekend also see the addition of Quests, as well as new Challenges such as the New Trilogy Blast Sunday.

New playable hero characters: Finn and Captain Phasma.

The following week will see The Last Jedi content invading Battlefront II:

  • New Heroes: Finn and Captain Phasma will join the fray, along with a third unannounced character.
  • New Maps: Galactic Assault Map on the new planet Crait, and a Starfighter Assault Map above the planet D’Qar.
  • New Vehicles: A-Wing Starfighter “Queen”, an upgraded Poe’s ‘Black One’ Boosted X-Wing and a couple more (Most likely to be the First Order Heavy Assault ‘Gorilla’ Walker AT-M6, and the Resistance Ski Speeder. Both revealed on Crait in the movie trailer)
  • New Challenges and Quests will also be made available.
We’re predicting the “Gorilla Walkers” on the Crait Galactic Assault Map.
A space battle in an asteroid field above the planet D’Qar should be fun.

The best part is more singleplayer story DLC! A new chapter will see players following Commander Iden Versio and explore the dark origins of the First Order’s rise to prominence in the new trilogy.

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Week 3 will focus more on the daring pilots of the two sides, with Starfighter Assault getting the limelight with even more rewards to be obtained. Finally, in Week 4, players’ choices will determine the special Holiday Playlist by DICE, where we are sure fan favourites will be making a comeback for one last week of awesomeness!