Geek Giveaway: Start Off Right in Lords Mobile!

Games on mobile are pretty much the most prevalent form of video games in today’s gaming landscape, with the mass invasion of clicker, match-3, and less than impressive licensed games that can be found on the market.

That said, the massively multiplayer online genre has been flourishing on mobile, with the on-the-go aspect a huge drawing point for mobile players. While there are plenty of options to sink your teeth into, I Got Games’ (IGG) Lords Mobile‘s real-time strategy mechanic has got us hooked.

Nominated as one of the “Most Competitive Game of 2016” on the Google Play Store, Lords Mobile invites players into exotic and magical lands beset by monstrous entities and powerful foes. Players have to vanquish enemies, build up an empire, and form alliances to keep the world safe. While the premise is not groundbreaking, the large-scale siege battles and RPG-esque hero fights will appeal to most. With a pretty large skill tree to journey through and even more equipment to find, Lords Mobile is definitely trying to get players invested in their characters to keep playing, and so far, it is holding up pretty well.

Coupled with a competent guild to back you up, there should be no reason you cannot get your hands on the resources and bases on the sprawling map, and more importantly, the special rewards that await the victors.

With both PvP and PvE elements, you will have your fair share of human and AI opponents to square off against. You can even capture your opponent’s’ heroes and ransom them for a quick payoff. Tired of bumping heads with an enemy guild? There are epic battles with monsters and creatures to participate in, with the promise of rare treasures at the end.

For a mobile title, Lords Mobile‘s HD visuals still look great on the smartphone without being taxing on the battery, so you are always good to get in a few scuffles on your commute. Download the game here for FREE.


If you wanna join in the fight, here’s your chance to get a headstart in establishing a foothold in the world of Lords Mobile with x20 sets of in-game items to be given away (worth US$30 each)! Each set contains:

  • Gather Boost (100%) (24H) x 1
  • 25% Player Exp Boost x 1
  • [Common]Hero chest x 50
  • Quest Scroll (Guild) x 5
  • Quest Scroll (Admon) x 5
  • 100 VIP Point x 2
  • Speed Up (10 min) x 20
  • Speed Up research (10 min) x 20
  • Speed Up Training (10 min) x 20
  • Build Boost (10 %) x 1
  • Research Boost (10%) x 1
  • Training Boost (10%) x 1
  • Shield (8h) x 3
  • Braveheart x 1
  • Gryphon Chest x 20
  • [Rare] Material Chest x 20
  • Noceros Chest x 20

To stand a chance to win, simply follow the instructions below!

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  2. Fill in the form below.


The giveaway is open to all gamers. Contest closes on 26 November 2017 @ 23:59hrs (GMT+8). 20 lucky winners will be picked at random. The winners will be notified via email by 28 November 2017. Good luck!