Souls-like Crabs & Sacrificial Lambs Headline Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Souls-like Crabs & Sacrificial Lambs Headline Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Giving players a glimpse of what is to come is always a good thing, as that gets the hype up and perhaps encourages even more newcomers to the platform. Nintendo‘s latest Indie World Showcase is exactly that, showing off more than 20 minutes of new games and updates that cater to players of all kinds.

If you are keen to find out more, here’s everything you missed at the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase for the Nintendo Switch:

Another Crab’s Treasure

Fancy a dangerous adventure starring a crustacean? Aggro Crab’s Another Crab’s Treasure is like a Souls game, only with different shells being used to clear the danger in a polluted sea. The game is set for a 2023 release.


Who knew an umbrella could be so deadly? Make your way through a noir-punk world and count on your trusty tool to make mincemeat of those that are draining the world of its natural resources. Gunbrella is set for arrival in 2023.

Mini Motorways

We first reviewed Mini Motorways for PC, and it was a blast, and now Dinosaur Polo Club is bringing that enjoyable experience to the Switch as part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Even better, it is available now.


First released back in July 2020, Ooblets will invite players to its world this summer, delivering tons of cuteness, crafting, customisation, and more as you take care of little critters and help Badgetown grow.

Cult of the Lamb

Nothing like a ritual sacrifice to get the blood pumping, Cult of the Lamb will arrive later this year in the form of an action-adventure that sees players pay their dues by building up a community, harvesting resources, and eliminating those that stand in their way.

Batora: Lost Haven

Positioned as an interplanetary action-RPG, this game has the elements of a twin-stick shooter alongside a hack-and-slash experience. Trying to save a planet is hard work, but you are going to get your chance as 16-year-old Avril in the fall.


Launching later this summer, ElecHead is all about bringing light back to the world, and that involves electricity. The titular character is the key here, and we can expect plenty of platforming and puzzle-solving goodness in this title.


Letting music do its thing, this dungeon crawler is all about keeping the rhythm. As a Guardian of Harmony, it is your job to take down the evil forces of Discord. Stay on beat, gain power, and become the force of good, Soundfall is available now.


Another deckbuilding game to join the party, Wildfrost adds even more tactical and roguelike elements into the proceedings, as players take on the challenge of halting eternal frost in its icy footsteps. Get ready to put your mind to the test this holiday season.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Making its way over from the realm of PC, TABS is making sure players on the Switch get their fill of crazy battles and insane customisation on the go. The game will arrive later in the summer.

We Are OFK

Get ready for the trials and tribulations of being a band, as We Are OFK was revealed at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Starring Itsumi Saito and a fully voiced cast, players can enjoy the journey with new episodes of the playable animated series releasing weekly.


Spiral Circus and Fireshine Games are working together to transport players into the depths, solving challenging puzzles as different sea creatures, and uncovering the secrets that lay within this unexplored world.

Wayward Strand

Channel your inner journalist in Wayward Strand, and learn about the amazing stories of the patients found in a curious flying hospital. This narrative adventure will arrive on 21 July.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

For those who love nature, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is definitely worth checking out on the Switch. Taking stock of real-life environmental issues, players will learn about the struggles of animals in a dangerous world. The game is available now.

Upcoming Games

In addition to the games above, Nintendo also showed off a montage of upcoming indie titles that will grace the Nintendo Switch. You can check out all the trailers below:

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