Singapore Welcomes Three New Additions To The Jabra Elite Family

The Jabra Elite 65t is a much-lauded piece of audio technology, but perhaps the most impressive feature of it is the noise-cancelling feature, which was described to be “top-notch” and “impeccable” in our earlier review. It stands to reason, then, that the team will seek to expand the family, with the promise of delivering the best voice and audio experience for users wirelessly.

Building upon that model, three new additions have recently entered the market. Named the Elite Active 65t, Elite 65e, and Elite 45e, the trio sports different designs that cater to the varying wearing styles of users, and continues to retain selected elements, such as a one-touch access to all major voice assistants and the personalisation of the audio experience, through the companion Jabra Sound+ app.

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Individually, the devices are equipped with their own strengths, although the general sensation doesn’t differ much from one another. What matters, though, is the comfort level borne from one’s personal preference – here’s a more personal take on each of them.

Elite Active 65t

With an aesthetic inspired by the Jabra Elite 65t, the Elite Active 65t is engineered for active users and sports enthusiasts who want a true wireless experience while working out. It’s modelled after its lookalike sibling and thus have the same five-hour-or-so battery life, but feature some enhancements beyond that. For example, the grip has been improved to allow for stronger holding power, with an integrated accelerometer in store. An orange sheen adorns the exterior where it was once black for the Elite 65T, while the IP67 water-resistant rating is swapped out for an IP56 sweat, water, and dust certification.

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Comfort-wise, the earbuds are quite the snug and tight fit, sitting quite nicely within the curve of the inner ear, and doesn’t drop easy. It’s a bit light on the bass and highs – even after adjustments to the equaliser –, but overall grants a quality listening experience.

The Elite Active 65T will be available from July 2018 onwards, and is set to retail at S$298.

Elite 65e

Decked out in a neckband, the Elite 65e comes with two levels of noise cancellation, and a noise-blocking zone from the utilisation of three-microphone technology for clear, sharp voice delivery. The earbuds are designed with a small hook at the top for better grip, and various shortcut buttons along the bend.

Due to the curved shape, it may take users a while to get used to the weight pressing on the neck. That’s not to say that it’s not lightweight; rather, it’s more of a lingering, subconscious feeling that can get a bit uncomfortable for first-timers. Its noise-cancelling feature, however, works like a charm, and is capable of blocking out a lot of ambience and surrounding noise.

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The Elite 65e boasts the most expensive price tag, cashing in at S$328, and can be found currently with all leading authorised Jabra retailers.

Elite 45e

A variant of the Elite 65e, the 45e is a viable option for users seeking the best combined voice and music experience, but who prefer a more subdued design. Doing away with the thicker middle found in its other neckband counterpart, it takes on the appearance of a wired earpiece, albeit with a longer body, and features a unique box microphone solution for crisp voice communication on any stereo wireless headphone.

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In comparison to the 65e, it has a higher comfort level, probably brought on by its lightweight form factor, and the absence of the extra weight in the centre. Unlike the former, it lacks noise-cancelling technology, with an audio experience similar to that of the Elite Active 65t.

Priced at S$168, the Elite 45e is now available with authorised Jabra retailers.

Considering the trend of wireless devices in the market, it’s only natural for Jabra to continue introducing more products into its existing line-up – and especially so under the Elite model of earbuds and headphones. With their sports-efficient and immersive audio qualities, the selection is not just a considerable option for the active users, but also the casual listeners as well.

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