Singapore’s Secretlab Launches MAGNUS Metal Desk With Unique Magnetic Ecosystem

After teasing fans a week ago, Secretlab, Singapore’s homegrown gaming chair brand, has officially announced the MAGNUS Metal Desk.

Partly gaming, partly metal and all black, Secretlab is expanding its footprint beyond chairs, and venturing into the gaming desk market as it diversifies its portfolio.

secretlab magnus

The sleek and minimal looking Magnus Metal Desk is essentially the everyday modern computer desk, featuring a unique modular ecosystem that encompasses functionality and flexibility.

Engineered by their own team to complement their top-sellers like the TITAN Softweave 2020, the MAGNUS Metal Desk boasts magnetic accessories that adds to the functionality of the table, from holding down cables, supporting RGB light strips, to an innovative cable management system that is simple yet effective.

And the table itself is no slouch. For starters, the steel chassis comes powder-coated with an obsidian finish, and is available in two lengths of 1.2m (unavailable at launch) and 1.5m and can withstand up to 100kg of load.

secretlab magnus

Under the head of the desk hides a cable management tray which you can access through a top, rear-hinged cover. The cover is wide enough to store cables, extension plugs or other accessories to keep your entire set up clutter-free. If you’re worried about uneven floors, each leg comes with an adjustable notch so you can raise each of the four legs independently to your desired height (up to 20mm).

While the non-adjustable table is 735mm tall, the desk is fully optimized to fit Secretlab chairs on different angles, to make sure the armrests are levelled and can fit under the desk even when reclined.

So how can you personalise a black desk, even if it comes in nice stealth black metal? That is where the Secretlab MAGPAD comes in. The MAGPAD is a full-coverage magnetic leatherette desk mat that sits securely on the desk thanks to its magnetized bottom, and provides you with another level of comfort along with its premium look.

secretlab magnus

The MAGPAD is also completely interchangeable with other designs such as their Secretlab Signature Edition or Special Editions mats, including Cloud9 and Team Liquid variants, which are having a launch promotional price. Prices for the mats are listed below, but if you purchase the desk during the launch promo, the standard mat is provided for free.

The modular ecosystem of the desk is the centre of attention here, as it includes a range of magnetic accessories, such as the Magnetic Cable Anchors, Magnetic Cable Sheaths, and Cable Fastening Straps which you have full control over their placements to hide, manage and organise your cables.

secretlab magnus

The Magnetic Cable Anchors lets you attach a single cable and anchor them in place anywhere on the desk to eliminate loose cables from keyboards, mouse or your mobile phones to keep everything in order. The Magnetic Cable Sheaths are used along the legs of the desk to organize and hide most of your main power cables while the Cable Fastening Straps are non-explanatory.

Secretlab is also introducing their own MAGRGB Diffused RGB LED Strips that features 96 individual LEDs per meter for that vibrant fad. It also includes a remote control for you to toggle between four custom lighting presents and seven different colour options.

Besides the MAGPAD Desk Mat Steal/Signature Edition that’s included with every purchase of the MAGNUS Metal Desk during the launch promotion period, every other accessory is sold separately.

The full price list is as follows. And yes, you didn’t read it wrong – local prices are way cheaper than in the US. It’s great to see that for once, a homegrown brand is rewarding Singaporeans with lower prices, instead of pegging prices to US$, and making us pay more:

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk (1.5m)$449$499
Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat (Stealth/Signature Editions 1.5m)$0 (U.P. $79)$0 (U.P. $99)
Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat (Special Editions 1.5m)$49 (U.P. $99)$69 (U.P. $129)
Secretlab Magnetic Cable Anchors$19$19
Secretlab Cable Fastening Straps$13$14
Secretlab Magnetic Cable Sheaths$29$39
Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle
(consists of the Secretlab Magnetic Cable Anchors, Cable Fastening Straps and Magnetic Cable Sheaths)
Secretlab MAGRGB Diffused RGB Strip (1.5m)$59$69

The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk is currently available for US$449 (in the U.S.) and S$499 (in Singapore).

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