As fans of beloved space-opera franchise Star Wars converge on Orlando in a few days time, we are already beside ourselves with glee at all the potential goodies coming our way. From news about Episode 8, merchandise, and meeting arguably the hardest of hardcore fans at the convention, there is a lot to get excited about.

Imagine our delight when we came upon this collection of gorgeous patches that will be given out at Celebration 2017, and it’s local no less!

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The Singapore Vintage Star Wars Collecting Fan Club will be making an appearance at Celebration, hoping to catch the eyes of fellow Rebel fighters and Empire troops to join their cause. Led by Derek Ho, one of the biggest collectors of vintage Star Wars figures in the world, the club will be giving away 4 different designed patches (120pc per day) over the four days in Orlando at booth #2155!

If you show up on the last day, you might also stand a chance to get yourself a really cool and limited edition folder for your patches.

If you are curious about the minds behind the patches, they are intricately designed by the good people at FLABSLAB, a gathering of artists and designers. We must say, we are thoroughly impressed and eager to get our hands on them for our collection. If you are going to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration in just a few days, definitely make an effort to support our fellow Star Wars fans at booth #2155!

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