Singapore’s First Ever DC Justice League Run 2015

Even while the multiverse imploded, tears in the fabric of reality converged and brought forth analogues of the world’s greatest superhero team. And as the morning broke, over 5,500 versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash landed on Siloso Beach at Sentosa, ready to race in the first ever DC Justice League Run in Singapore.

Gathering as early as 6am, the sea of costumed heroes filled the Beach Station, as they prepared for a 8am flag off.

Photo credit: DC Justice League Run

As part of their race pack, each participant was given a special singlet modeled after one of the Big Five DC Comics heroes. Judging by the crowds of red, blue and yellow, the majority of the runners were racing for Team Superman. Only the women were capable of supporting Team Wonder Woman, while the remainder of the racers were split between teams Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash.

The costumed Supermen came in their specially sewn capes, complete with the S insignia, while the Wonder Women wore their golden tiaras. All the Green Lanterns and The Flashes had on their signature face mask, while the Batmen had on their iconic cowl. Each of these bonus items were handed out as part of the $70 race pack.

The little ones were dressed in their favourite mini hero outfits but even among the well dressed crowd, there were the immaculately dressed cosplayers, who came in their full comic book inspired garb.

Photo credit: DC Justice League Run

There was the Halle Berry inspired Catwoman, and the several Ryan Reynolds Green Lanterns. Henry Cavill’s Superman made an appearance, as did Tom Hardy’s Bane. But none could match up to the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Nu52 Joker with his face skin and bright green hair.

Of course, no crossover of this scale would be without the gate crashers. Black Spider-Man, or possibly Venom was spotted, as was Head of SHIELD Captain America and old shellhead himself Iron Man.

That’s a No Prize for them because those heroes have to plan their own run, and not sign up for the Justice League Run.