Singapore-Developed Chinatown Detective Agency Gets New Nintendo Switch Kickstarter Goal

Looking for a new cyberpunk-slash-noir game to sink your teeth into? Love solving puzzles and conducting investigations? Then Chinatown Detective Agency, a new game by Singapore-based game developers General Interactive Co is one you will not want to miss. 

First announced in October last year, the cybernoir adventure/management game has since hit its target on Kickstarter, in just 24 days.

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With its initial funding target reached, three new stretch goals have since been added, with rewards such as multi-language localisation and a Nintendo Switch port should these goals be reached. 

Set to launch in Winter 2020 at the earliest, the game is set in Singapore and you play as Amira Darma, a newly minted Private Investigator with a detective agency in the heart of Chinatown, about to meet your first client.

The game borrows elements from Blade Runner, The Da Vinci Code, the classic Carmen Sandiego series, as well as noir detective movies. Throughout the point-and-click game, you will be solving puzzles and uncovering leads through real-life investigation on the internet. All of this while managing your time and money, to solve cases for clients both good and bad.

As you progress through the game, a choice will have to be made: Will you side with the seedy underbelly of the Lion City, or help root out corruption in the name of justice? 

Chinatown Detective Agency is slated to release on Steam earliest in December 2020. More details about the game’s new stretch goals and rewards can be found on its Kickstarter.