This Death Stranding Jacket Costs US$1,900… And It’s Already Sold Out

Death Stranding has certainly won much of the gaming world over with its weird but compelling narrative and gameplay, as is typical of a Hideo Kojima production. However, while many fans have already taken to shelling out wads of cash for the game’s official merchandise, none have expected one of the most expensive pieces of merch to be a $2,000 jacket.

That’s right, there’s now an official Death Stranding jacket being sold by German techwear brand Acronym, and it retails for a whopping US$1,900.

Dubbed the J1A-GT Gen 2.2 Bridges Edition, this jacket takes reference from the regular J1A-GT jacket, made with high-quality next-gen Gore-Tex Pro fabric, which, in short, is durable, breathable, and not to mention super comfy when one dons it. Definitely suited for strapping over 100kg of cargo on your back and braving all manner of weather with it.

Other notable features on the jacket include a multi-position convertible storm collar, a storm hood with a redesigned visor, as well as a slew of zippers, pockets, and sleeve hitch tabs for a wide berth of utility. Perhaps most important to the design of the Death Stranding aesthetic is a yellow chest pocket, which is an obvious nod to the now-iconic Bridge Baby, or BB for short. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bridges jacket without any Bridges logos stamped across it now, would it?

While this jacket will no doubt scream HYPE for many fans of the game, it has already sold out at the time of writing. Hopefully this “Timefall-proof” piece of techwear will be available soon once more, as it no doubt has got many heads turning.

In the meantime, Death Stranding will come to PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on 2 June.