Sega Mega Drive Mini Classic Edition Announced In Japan

To all 80s kids out there, the constant debate whether the Sega Mega Drive, or Genesis as it was known in the states, or the Super Nintendo was the superior console back in the day is a narrative that will be revived in 2018.

Seeing as to how the re-releases of Nintendo’s classic NES and SNES have been received with resounding success, Sega would like to get back into the hardware business with their very own Sega Mega Drive Mini Classic Edition (unveiled at the recent Sega Fes 2018 event). Though it might come as a bit too late but in time for the Mega Drive’s 30th anniversary.

The Sega Mega Drive Mini

For observant video game aficionados, there is an existing Mega Drive release in the market right now in the form of the AtGames Mega Drive Flashback. Sadly reviews of the device have been less than stellar which has probably prompted Sega to roll up their sleeves and go at it themselves.

Compared to the AtGames Mega Drive Flashback, the Mega Drive Mini is certainly more diminutive and looks, physically, a worthy upgrade to the much-beloved console for modern times.

The AtGames Mega Drive Flashback

While looks might be one thing, the important detail that is missing from the announcement is the games that will be included in the Mega Drive Mini. With the AtGames version packing in 85 titles in total, Sega would definitely want to consider matching that quantity at least from the marketing communications standpoint. Truth be told, out of the 85 titles, most are junk in the first place.

It looks like even in 2018, Nintendo still is kicking Sega’s ass even on the nostalgia front. Thus it remains to be seen if Sega’s very own attempt at the Mega Drive can better Nintendo’s efforts in recapturing those childhood memories.

At this point in time, neither a release date or price has been announced for the Sega Mega Drive Mini Classic Edition, so stay tuned.