See What Happens To Nite Owl In The New HBO Watchmen Trailer

Watchmen | Trailer 2

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?Watchmen premieres Monday 21 October, only on HBO and HBO GO.

Posted by HBO Asia on Sunday, September 15, 2019

We’re a little over a week until the premiere of Watchmen by HBO. The latest adaptation of Alan Moore’s critically-acclaimed comic book series is a new take on the Watchmen mythos, specifically what happens after the events of the comic books.

The new trailer presents a couple of interesting new scenes, most notably the airship of a certain iconic member of the Minutemen: Nite Owl. The last few moments in the trailer showed us a peculiar-looking vehicle in black-and-white police colours.


Many sharp eyes would recognise this as that of the second Nite Owl aka Daniel Dreiberg.

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While we’re still in the dark as to what happened to Nite Owl, we do know that his legacy still lives on in the local police force, which is helmed by – interestingly – his former lover, Laurie Blake aka the second Silk Spectre (Jean Smart), though now working for the law.

We have a hunch, and this is just a hunch: Nite Owl is dead and has become somewhat of a symbol for the local authorities to take action against the vigilantes, much like how Rorschach’s death has spurned the very same vigilantes to don his mask by the dozens.


Whatever the case, Watchmen is shaping up to be quite the watch when it drops on October 21.

The pilot episode of Watchmen will premiere on Monday, October 21 at 9am in Singapore, at the same time as the US. Subsequent episodes from November 4 onwards will premiere at 10am. Catch the show on either HBO on StarHub, Singtel or Toggle, or on HBO GO.

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