The Batman Secretlab

First Look: Secretlab’s ‘The Batman’ Movie Edition Chair With Magnetic Detachable Bat Emblem

One week ahead of the highly anticipated Matt Reeves’ The Batman release on 3 March, it made sense for Secretlab to roll out an updated Batman-themed chair based on its current TITAN Evo 2022 Series.

The first Batman Secretlab chair was released way back in 2019, and more recently, on 2021’s Batman Day, a Dark Knight Edition MAGPAD Desk Mat was released to go along with Secretlab’s Magnus Desk.

The Batman Secretlab

The latest addition to Secretlab’s collection of iconic DC superhero-themed gaming chairs, The Batman Movie Edition Chair pays homage to Battinson’s new batsuit. Upholstered in full black Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette with matte leather detailing, the front of the chair features an embroidery of the iconic bat emblem.

What sets this new chair apart is the magnetically detachable Bat emblem on the backrest of the chair. The emblem is made of rubber, so you can safely fling it around and live out your dreams of being the caped crusader without hurting anyone in the process.

Now if only Secretlab would include a display stand for the Bat emblem so it can sit atop our desks in all its awesome geeky glory.


@secretlab has done it again with #TheBatman #secretlab chair! It looks and feels like how it should! #fyp #fypシ #xyzbca #xyzbca #dc #batman #gaming

♬ The Batman (from “The Batman”) – Michael Giacchino

More details on pricing and availability will probably be released by Secretlab when closer to the movie’s premiere in March. For now, you can register your interest on Secretlab’s website.