Sebastian Stan Will Only Play Luke Skywalker On One Condition

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Sebastian Stan, star of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. looks just like the young Mark Hamill. Trust, Stan is well-aware of the similarities too.

Recently, fans have been calling on the Marvel actor to appear as Luke Skywalker in an upcoming Star Wars project. Whilst not opposed to playing the Jedi Knight, Stan only has one condition: that Hamill gives his blessings.

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“If Mark Hamill called me, personally, to tell me he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it. Until then, I won’t believe it,” said the Winter Soldier on Good Morning America.

The Star Wars legend, and his hilarious tweeting habits, noted the similarities in their appearances and is a fan of Stan. However, he won’t be letting go of the Skywalker mantle anytime soon.

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“Sorry to disappoint you but I refuse to say ‘Sebastian Stan-I AM YOUR FATHER!’ (even though, in fact, I am) #SorryNotSorry #MySonSebastian,” Hamill tweeted in 2017.

Hamill also tweeted in 2018: “Sebastian doesn’t need my stamp of approval! He’s a wonderful actor & is never less than great in everything he does. #HamTheStanFan.”

Hamill recently blew fans’ minds last year when he reprised his role of Luke in the season 2 finale of Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Ever since then, fans have been craving for more young Luke Skywalker adventures, with Stan being the top fan choice to take on the role.

Until he receives word from Hamill, Stan will be kept busy with Tiger Beers and will bask in the glorious premiere of Disney+’s and Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.