Geek Review: Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Helmet

Taking the world by storm with his killer moves, phenomenal flying, strength of character and yes, his frog-eating alien baby. There can only be one space cowboy who fits the mould. If your thoughts wander off to Din Djarin from The Mandalorian, then you’re on the right track. 

Disney+’s The Mandalorian has proven to be a huge success and we’re not surprised that fans will soon want to cosplay Mando himself – preferably with Baby Yoda in tow. The story of a lone bounty hunter travelling across space during the rule of the Galactic Empire with a most-wanted force sensitive baby is as exciting as it sounds so if you claim to be a Star Wars fan and haven’t watched the series, you must do it. Right now. 

Despite hiding his face in a helmet and wearing nothing else but an impenetrable armour, Mando is so very hot. Maybe it’s the mystery behind this tight-lipped hunk? Or maybe it’s the fact he protects and attacks all at the same time? But one thing’s for sure – shiny beskar armour is one way to steal the title of the Galaxy’s Sexiest Man(do) Alive, and with the Black Series The Mandalorian Helmet, you can too. 

The Mandalorian Helmet is a 1:1 scale replica helmet that’s sure to make you feel like the baddest in the galaxy. For those unfamiliar with the series, the Mandalorian helmet is the newest addition to its broad range that includes the likes of the Stormtrooper (and, by extension, the Incinerator variant), Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmets. Another helmet in this range that may hit close to home is the Boba Fett helmet, but The Mandalorian helmet is hands down, unlike any other. 

The Mandalorian helmet takes reference directly from the original prop helmet as seen in The Mandalorian. The helmet comes in a gorgeous shiny “gunmetal” silver that looks like it’s made from Beskar steel. 

The T-visor moves down the helmet elegantly with curvatures and indents where one would expect on a 3D-lifelike model. The curvature that follows the T-visor gives the helmet a sophisticated, tapered, slim and chiseled look that is both sexy and flattering. 

Another feature that gives the helmet a realistic touch is the attached tactical light that Mando uses to navigate the dark corners of the universe. Anyone who’s watched The Mandalorian would’ve seen Mando using the tactical light sparingly in the action-packed series. To turn the light on, all you have to do is keep the helmet up right and press on a hidden button at the bottom of the helmet. 

Of course, to keep the light on, you’ll have to slip in a double AA battery (sold separately). The battery panel can be found on the side of the helmet, just underneath the light torch. To insert or replace the battery, pull out the panel and unscrew the latch. The Black Series The Mandalorian helmet is well-made, so you may have to use a little force to pull out the hard panel. 

Turning the helmet on its head, you will find a detailed interior with “circuitry” all around. Whilst the outside is a clean and seamless design, the design inside the helmet is intricate and something you may not expect to see.

However, knowing how Mandalorians take pride in their armour it may come to no surprise to know that every single part of their armour, including the helmet, will be made to perfection. Given how a Mandalorian’s head stays in the helmet at all times, it wouldn’t hurt to stick your head into something that’s beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside too. 

Aesthetics aside, the interior hosts a series of pads to support the back of the head, as well as an adjustable headband that Hasbro typically includes in their premium helmets.

If you can’t already tell, the helmet’s design is incredibly slim and narrow. Every Hasbro Black Series helmet is a replica of what the actual actors wear and since the original helmet is meant to sit on the narrow head of Pedro Pascal, this 1:1 replica is just as narrow and slim. Folks with wider heads might find some difficulty fitting their noggin in. This may be a dealbreaker for those who are getting the helmet specifically for cosplaying purposes. 

Another major con to this otherwise glorious helmet is the fact that it’s a fingerprint magnet. The beautiful shiny “gunmetal” surface can easily look smudged and non-premium with dirty fingerprints plastered on every side. This is a helmet you wouldn’t want friends or children to touch and it would do well being preserved in a glass display cabinet away from snubby fingers.

Or have a microfibre cloth within arms reach at all time.

Again, this all boils down to what you choose to do with your helmet. Like dust and dirt, fingerprints can easily be wiped down with a wet tissue if you’ve been out gallivanting dressed up as Mando at conventions. Though, we can’t really do much about folks with bigger heads. 

With all that said and done, Hasbro has done yet another phenomenal job in replicating one of the most iconic and popular helmets in modern Star Wars history. This is a must-have helmet to sit pretty in your home for friends and family (or maybe even yourself) to wow-at and adore. Guess only the chosen ones will have this helmet on their heads, sat prettily on their shoulders instead. This is the way.

The Black Series The Mandalorian Helmet starts from S$239.90 (US$119.99) and is available for pre-order on The Falcon’s Hangar, RoboRobo and Lazada. It releases in Singapore on 1 April 2021 and in the U.S. on 1 August 2021.

Special thanks to Bobby Tonelli for guest hosting the unboxing and review video. Follow him on Instagram here.



This is the way to being the Sexiest and Baddest Man(Do) Alive. From it’s gorgeous Beskar-like paint to the chiselled tapered cheeks and jaw, The Black Series The Mandalorian Helmet is arguably the most premium-looking and good-looking helmet in the range.

  • Aesthetics - 10/10
  • Build Quality - 10/10
  • Playability - 8/10
  • Value - 9/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 10/10