Salt and Sacrifice Targets 2022 Launch On PlayStation Consoles

It appears that the gaming world can never get enough of Soulslike games. As part of the first wave of announcements happening at Summer Game Fest 2021, Ska Studios and PlayStation have revealed Salt and Sacrifice, the follow-up to 2016’s Salt and Sanctuary, with a focus on online co-op multiplayer.

Unlike the first game, which only had local, same-screen co-op, Salt and Sacrifice is being designed with full co-op in mind. That means players can enjoy the entire campaign together, both online and locally. You can even share progress this time around.

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Ska Studios promises that it will be easy, seamless, and fast to summon a random ally. Players can also take a chance by joining a random host for more adventures.

The premise of Salt and Sacrifice revolves around the hunting of Mages, expanding the world with a new region in a new era. Players will enter the world as a Marked Inquisitor, whose sole job is to fight in the neverending war against the Mages. It is not going to be a straightforward affair when it comes to these beings.

Each Mage hunt is going to be a multistage pursuit. Even as these creatures hurl spells and minions at you, they might end up fighting other rival Mages as well. It all leads into a final battle that promises to be chaotic and awesome.

Hopefully, with the aid of a friend, players will be able to do their jobs more efficiently in Salt and Sacrifice. Ska Studios will look to share more details about the Mages, multiplayer factions, and the world itself. Salt and Sacrifice launches on PC, PS4, and PS5 in 2022.

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