Ruhens Boost+ Black Panther Water Purifier

Drink Fresh Water Forever With Ruhens Boost+ Special Edition Marvel’s Black Panther Water Purifier

Marvel fans can now pay homage to the legendary protector of Wakanda, the Black Panther, by taking these state-of-the-art water purifiers home. 

Ruhens, a renowned water purifier brand hailing from Korea, is no stranger to Marvel collaborations. Earlier this year, they partnered with Marvel to introduce Ruhens V Marvel Edition Water Purifiers, featuring fan favorites Captain America and Iron Man, to the delight of Marvel enthusiasts.

For this collaboration with Disney, Ruhens is taking a step further and designing its improved model of the popular nano-direct tankless hot and cold water purifier, the Ruhens Boost+, to fit the theme of the Black Panther.

This newest design features the Black Panther’s signature color with a claw striking on one side, along with the words “Wakanda Forever”. The Panther symbol shines in subdued watchfulness on the other side. On the front, the Black Panther title is prominently displayed, boasting a clean outline of the panther in gold.

The Ruhens Boost+ is loaded with upgraded features including more sophisticated filter indicators, self-changing filters, and contactless dispensing. Eco-saving mode is also included.

Due to its tankless and multi-temperature features, this all-in-one water purifier has received high praise. It offers multiple temperature adjustments at 4ºC, 20ºC, 85ºC and 95ºC through a direct cooler and heating technology, so its users can get hot, cold, room temperature, or warm water at the touch of a button.

This design keeps the water purifier compact while substantially reducing the risk of bacteria accumulation because no additional tank is required to cool and heat the water. Water can also be dispensed via the new Ruhens Boost+ without contact.

The cutting-edge filtration system, meanwhile, removes contaminants while retaining the essential minerals to preserve a healthy balance. The quantity control mechanism also automatically administers accurate amounts of 120ml, 550ml, or 1500ml of water.

Functional with a sleek and clean design that is bound to appeal to all Black Panther fans, this special edition of the Ruhens Boost+ costs S$2,299 (which incudes a year’s worth of filters) and is available at any Ruhens Studios.