‘Rollerdrome’ Is The New Bloodsport Combination Of Shooting And Skating

Test your skill and agility with the upcoming Rollerdrome, a third-person shooter-skater that has you shoot enemies while performing skating tricks. It will be launching on PlayStation 5 & 4 on 16 August 2022.


Developed by Roll7 (OlliOlli World) and published by Private Division, Rollerdrome is set in 2030 where corporations are in charge. Here, you compete in the brutal new blood sport Rollerdrome to become the champion, and try to unravel the mysteries of the Matterhorn corporation. You do so by shooting your competitors while pulling off tricks and grinds to earn ammunition.

It sounds very much like a video game version of 1975’s Rollerball movie. Or what a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meets Max Payne game would be like.

The comic book-inspired art style is very familiar to those who have played Roll7’s OlliOlli skateboarding series. And based on the trailer, it also packs some nostalgic soundtracks.

Rollerdrome will be available digitally on PlayStation 5 & 4 and PC (Steam) on 16 August 2022.