Roll Dice Alongside Minsc & Boo With This New Baldur’s Gate D&D Adventure

Who would’ve thought you could actually embark on a Dungeons & Dragons game with some of your favourite characters from the classic Baldur’s Gate video games of old?

Now, you can, with the new 5th Edition D&D adventure module by Wizards of the Coast, Heroes of Baldur’s Gate. Written by ex-BioWare folks James Ohlen and Jesse Sky, the devs of the original Baldur’s Gate I & II, this module takes place in between the events of the two games.

You’ll get to explore the Sword Coast, the setting of the two games, as well as the titular city of Baldur’s Gate as part of your exploits. And throughout, you’ll meet, banter and even adventure with some of the most iconic characters from the games, such as Minsc the Ranger and his pet miniature giant space hamster, Boo.

Some of the iconic companions from the Baldur’s Gate games. From Left: Nalia, Minsc & Boo, Jaheira, Korgan, Viconia, Edwin

Here’s the thing – you don’t really need to play the original games to be able to appreciate this adventure, as there are bits of lore included in the book to get you up to speed. Of course, it always helps to have played the game to really get the most out of this module.

Unlike the video games, where the vast amount of story choices you have are ultimately limited to pre-programmed outcomes, this tabletop RPG module involves the actions and reactions of you and your friends, so literally no two playthroughs of Heroes of Baldur’s Gate are the same.

Heroes of Baldur’s Gate is available now in both PDF (US$19.95) and physical hardcover (US$49.95 excl. shipping) formats, exclusively on DM’s Guild.

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