Remember That Iconic RoboCop Poster? It Was A Painting All Along

Movie posters are an art form. Where most posters are beautified stills from the movies, some are digitally-made, some are hand-drawn, and some were actually originally paintings.

Like the iconic poster from the 1987 sci-fi classic RoboCop.

The 1987 theatrical release poster for RoboCop.

Everyone who watched RoboCop remembers this iconic image of the titular Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) stepping out of the Detroit Police car. At first glance, one would’ve thought the poster for the Paul Verhoeven-directed film was a photo, but the painting hands of artist Mike Bryan were so skilled that it actually looked like real life.

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Mike Bryan’s original painting for RoboCop.

RoboCop‘s wasn’t the only movie poster Byran worked on. He also did the posters for the 1983 Scarface remake, as well as Platoon (1986).

If you’re so inclined, you can own a copy of the Mike Bryan painting for the poster of RoboCop (24 x 36 inches) over at Bottleneck Gallery. Starting today, March 19, you’ll be able to grab a copy of it at US$75. Want something a little more lifelike? You can instead opt for the same painting, but with metallic inks, which will go for US$85.

Take note that these are available while stocks last, so order now while you still can!

Meanwhile, have you heard that Weller is making a return as the iconic RoboCop in Neil Blomkamp’s RoboCop Returns, as well as voicing the new RoboCop-themed KFC ad?

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