Razer Lines Up Their 2021 Razer Blade Advanced Model Laptops With New 11th Gen Intel Processors

If you were in the market for a new laptop, do hang on to your wallet a moment. With the release of Intel’s new 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H processors, we see many laptop makers lining up for a refresh.

In fact, Razer is confident that their new 2021 Razer Blade Advanced Model laptops will be able to ship out by June 2021.

While their existing base models are actually solid picks across the board, the 2021 Razer Blade Advanced model affords the inclusion of an RTX3080. However, for folks who want a smaller footprint, the Razer Blade Advanced equipped with the RTX 3060 goes as low as 15.8mm in height.

Outside of that, it looks like it’s pretty much the same across the board with the Blade with the exception of a new processor. So if you’re looking to upgrade for school or work, with some gaming by the side you’d be able to pick up the new 2021 Razer Blade Advanced from US$2299 and up.

The best thing we can hope for now would be that chip shortages do not impact 2021’s laptop releases too greatly.