Quickly get back up to speed with Game of Thrones Season 5!

Don’t click play on the video above if you are still lagging behind (where have you been all these years?!)

Good news! Game of Thrones Season 5 returns in the big way especially if you live in Asia (like us!) as it would broadcast at the same time as the folks in the US. Game of Thrones will be now broadcast at 9am Singapore time! This means that you get to leverage SPOILERS on your worst enemy if you are fortunate to start work much later in the day on Mondays. For the average worker bee, you would need to dodge spoilers the whole day in order to catch the show that will have its repeat telecast at 9pm the same day.

Will there be on the fly censorship? I doubt that is even possible and if you are anything like me, Mondays in Asia would be the new Sunday.

April 12/13 cannot come anytime sooner!

April 13 at 9am on HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601), the new season of Game of Thrones will debut in Asia the same time as the U.S., with a same day encore at 9pm. Viewers can watch the past season of Game of Thrones anytime on HBO On Demand (StarHub TV Ch 602) or on HBO Signature’s (StarHub TV Ch 603) weekend marathon on March 29 from 12pm.

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