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Predator-Inspired Dutch Whiskey Wants You To Get To The Chopper

It’s been more than three decades since Arnold Schwarzenegger — playing tough-as-nails Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer — was rolling on the ground in pain, yelling that iconic line that has since been crystallised in cinema history, “GET TO DA CHOPPA!” A line that has been pointedly, unabashedly referenced in 2018’s reboot.


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Well, it seems like we’ll be getting to the chopper alright — well, hopefully, we’re less likely to be gunned down by lurking Predators after all — with Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, which claims to “take you to a new level with its full-bodied flavor and hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamont” at US$34.99 a bottle. Admittedly, if you’re actually fleeing a pursuing Predator, it’s probably best to do so sober.

The drink is also said to be “fit for a man on a mission with a bold taste for adventure who “ain’t got time to bleed””, which… plays up that very antiquated-rough-and-tumble idea of masculinity, although considering how it’s based off Schwarzenegger’s Predator, we kind of understand why it’s marketed that certain way.

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The drink is now available on, and will be shipped out sometime in April 2019.

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