Level-5’s New JRPG Mecha Megaton-Kyuu Musashi Gets Trailer!

Japanese game developer Level-5 has a number of big titles under their belt, things like Yokai Watch, Ni no Kuni, and Inazuma Eleven, which all tend to emanate a somewhat endearing, child-like vibe — Ni No Kuni, in particular, received praise for being effused with a Studio Ghibli-esque aesthetic. Their upcoming game’s going to be a little different, however — it looks like we can expect some blood-pumping, heroic-yelling, Shounen-styled mecha in Megaton-Kyuu Musashi.

And considering how they’re collaborating with Shukan Shounen Jump (Weekly Shounen Jump) for the project, we suppose that’s kind of expected. The trailer they’ve just dropped definitely screams — well, yells — Shounen.

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Set in an idyllic shelter sequestered away from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that’s the rest of the Earth, we’re following what seems like the last vestiges of humanity as they go about their normal, everyday life, until something blows it all to hell — that ‘something’ probably being the Dractor’s giant attack bots trying to invade us. They’re apparently way more advanced than whatever technology’s accessible to humans according to the description on the game’s website.

Our protagonists are a trio of high school boys who rise to the monster-robot-bashing occasion and suit up accordingly for battle.

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Ichidaiji Yamato, the main pilot in Musashi One, is in possession of a keen sense of perception and excellent reflexes, and also the sort of straightforward, cheerful charm you tend to find in Shounen genre protagonists. Musashi Two pilot, Hijikata Ryuugo looks like the muscle of the group, considering his stocky built and tanned pecs, but it’s said in his character description that even though he comes off as a delinquent, he’s really good at caring for others.

And finally, our bespectacled brains of the operation (at least, on the surface), Asami Teru, the pilot of Musashi Three, an elite with top scores who’s seemingly cold and measured, but he actually admires his hot-blooded friends for their ‘manliness’.

It looks like the game is really trying to sell that gap more (characters whose personalities are pretty different from their looks). The boys are voiced respectively by Morita Masakazu (Ichigo from Bleach), Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Noctis from Final Fantasy XV) and Irino Miyu (Syaoran from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles), so a star-studded line-up of industry veterans.

We’re still not sure when the game’s set for release or what platform it’s going to be for, but hopefully, we’ll be getting more information soon.

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