Potential Leaks Sees Resident Evil 8 Sticking to First-Person With Traditional Zombies

There is little doubt that the past two years have been nothing but great for Capcom. The Japanese company has seen a resurgence not just in the success of their games, but also their standing in the industry. Part of that success boils down to Monster Hunter World, and of course, the revival of the Resident Evil franchise.

With the remake of Resident Evil 3 coming real soon, other eyes wander further into the future as we prepare for the coming of Resident Evil 8, and both Eurogamer and a YouTube fan channel are saying some interesting things about the next entry.

The next game in the series will continue the stark departure in Resident Evil 7, by retaining the first-person perspective, in addition to the return of both Chris Redfield and Ethan, the main character in 7. Enemies will include the likes of werewolf-like foes, traditional zombies, and even a female apparition that will hunt you down ala Mr. X.

As expected, Capcom has not offered any comment or confirmation of Resident Evil 8, but the idea of the first-person perspective remains exciting, especially as we see the series go back into its horror roots with the likely sequel.