sweet home renewed for seasons 2 and 3

Popular Netflix K-Drama ‘Sweet Home’ Renewed Two More Seasons, To Shoot Back-To-Back

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Netflix has renewed the Korean creature drama Sweet Home for Seasons 2 and 3. Both seasons will be produced back-to-back this year, and helmed by returning director Lee Eung-bok.

Based on the Naver webtoon by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan, Sweet Home debuted on Netflix in 2020 and was ranked number one in eight global regions and in the top 10 in 42 regions.

sweet home renewed for seasons 2 and 3

It is set in an apocalyptic world where humans are infected by beasts that turn them into savage monsters. One teen, who managed to gain superpowers by merging with the beast within him, and his neighbours are forced to fight for survival as they hide within their apartment and try to hold on to their humanity.

sweet home renewed for seasons 2 and 3

“In these new seasons, Sweet Home will take on a larger scale with an expanded storyline and cast,” Netflix said in a statement.

Director Lee added that “Season 2 will include a new setting. I believe the technical details we couldn’t refine in Season 1 will be honed in Season 2.”

Leads Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook, along with Lee Si-young, Ko Min-si, and Park Kyu-young, will return for the new seasons. They will be joined by newcomers Yoo Oh-seong, Oh Jung-se, Kim Moo-yeol and Jung Jin-young.

Other than Sweet Home, Netflix has been renewing many of its Asian originals such as Seasons 2 of Squid Game, zombie horror All of Us Are Dead, and military police drama D.P. Indian true-crime drama Delhi Crime was renewed for a second season in 2021 and Season 2 of Japanese sci-fi thriller drama Alice in Borderland is expected to start streaming in December 2022. A reality show spin-off Squid Game: The Challenge was also announced today.

Sweet Home Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. No dates have been announced for Season 2 yet.

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