Sony Setting Up New Studio To Partner Naughty Dog On Unannounced Title

Sony PlayStation Sets Up Studio To Partner Naughty Dog On Major New Title

When it comes to the PlayStation side of things, players are more or less used to big AAA blockbuster titles coming from its first-party studios. Now, Sony is attempting to build on that success further, with a new development studio in the works to work with Naughty Dog on an unannounced title.

This comes via a new job listing as spotted by VGC, which points towards a new team being created in conjunction with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. If you are unfamiliar, this is a studio that does most of the work with motion capture, cinematics, animation, and more across major franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Once the new team is set up, they will be working with Naughty Dog to create a new PlayStation title.

Sony Studio Naughty Dog

“This high visibility project is being developed in collaboration with Naughty Dog,” the job listing stated. “Though currently unannounced, we have a clear vision and plan to release. Using our existing expertise and premier talent, we will guarantee a high visual quality bar for the game and a compelling experience for our players.”

While the listing does not point towards a new AAA title, a new Sony studio being set up suggests that there is plenty of muscle behind this new push. The candidate is also required to be “proficient in all aspects of AAA game production and management” and has published at least two AAA games previously, which more or less confirms the direction.

What the unannounced game will eventually become remains to be seen, but there is every chance it could be the new Uncharted game that has been rumoured for some time now. Having the extra hands on a huge project such as this will definitely be helpful; we will definitely be keeping our eyes on any new developments on this front.