PlayStation 5 Changes Default Selection Button To X In Japan For The First Time

With the PlayStation 5 coming to Singapore on 19 November, many gamers are looking forward to getting their hands on next-gen hardware and software. However, there is something different for the incoming generation. For the first time, the X/Cross button will now become the default selection button in Japan, and in Asia as well.

The change comes after 26 years of using the Circle button as the confirmation button. This new development follows the slew of Japanese previews of the PS5. For all of us in this part of the world, it will be a major change. After all, a sudden change after 26 years will take some getting used to.

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Although you can change up the configuration on the PS4, the fact that the default has now changed to the X/Cross button globally is the first time the PlayStation brand has ensured parity.

A Famitsu preview does make it clear that Japanese games would likely continue to use the Circle button to confirm, while the PlayStation 5 uses the new configuration. Remapping will likely be possible, but that has not been confirmed just yet.