Play Out Your Marvel Power Fantasies With The New Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The Marvel hype is still going strong, long after the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, and just after the announcement of the new Marvel Phase 4 movies and TV shows scheduled in the pipeline. Many fans are no doubt itching to get their hands on anything Marvel-related, so why not a brand-new card game featuring your favourite superheroes?

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a cooperative living card game recently announced by tabletop game giant Fantasy Flight Games, just in time for Gen Con – the premier tabletop gaming convention in the US.

As it is a cooperative card game, you and up to 3 other friends will assemble a team of individual Marvel superheroes, complete with their own unique powers and moves, and be pitted against the various iconic villains of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be first launched with a Core Set, which comes with a base assortment of heroes with their own individual decks: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and She-Hulk.

Each of these heroes also comes with their alter egos (Tony Stark, Peter Parker, et al), which come with separate abilities from their superhero counterparts. You can change between each version each turn, on top of adding allies, special attacks, and other upgrades in order to defeat the villains that the players encounter. Just note that in Hero form, you’ll be able to attack villains, whereas in Alter Ego form, you’ll be able to heal up, with the downside of not being able to attack villains, hence it is paramount to be able to divvy up your actions wisely.

Speaking of which, the villains have their own decks. While no one player truly controls them, there will be specific instructions on how to activate the likes of Rhino, Klaw and more as they attempt to push their schemes to fruition.

This is where the players in Hero form come together to thwart the villains, whose threat level will continuously grow more each turn. Take too long, and their threat level will grow too big for even the whole group to take down, and the game is over.

As a living card game, Marvel Champions: The Card Game will no doubt come with constant expansions that will add more heroes, villains and other upgrades that will surely add more nuance to the gameplay. Supplementary items such as 60-card Hero Packs (featuring a new hero and their alter ago), Standalone Scenario Packs, and campaign-type Story Boxes.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set is available for pre-order now on the Fantasy Flight Games online store at a retail price of US$59.95.