Play As Legend of Zelda’s Link In Super Mario Maker 2

If you love endless creativity and wacky challenges, then Super Mario Maker 2 is the game for you! It may not be the most popular game in the Nintendo Store but it does provide hours of fun. And it just got a whole lot more interesting now that the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda is a part of the latest update.

The newest update for Super Mario Maker 2 includes a variety of new enemies, blocks and other items to take your game to a whole new level. But none of these is as exciting as the Master Sword. This unique item turns Mario into Link, but it isn’t just for aesthetics.

The sword grants you some powerful abilities such which include the use of Link’s sword, shield, bombs and arrows. Only available in Super Mario Bros. style, the Master Sword gives players a whole new style of gameplay with increased capabilities, allowing you to cut through enemies like butter as you slide down a hill.

Some players are ecstatic for this new update as it enables the creation of some really cool Zelda levels although some are still waiting for The Legend of Zelda version of Super Mario Maker 2.

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