Plans For New James Bond Movie Hasn’t Started, But 007 Returns In New Reality Show

It’s been more than two years since James Bond last appeared on the silver screen. With speculation still looming large over who could succeed Daniel Craig as the illustrious double-agent, and executives adding that there is still a “big road ahead” for Bond 26, fans are hoping that Amazon’s upcoming new show, 007: Road to a Million, can shake (or stir) up their interest for the famous franchise once again.

A collaboration between Amazon Studios, Eon Productions, 72 Films and MGM Alternative, 007: Road to a Million sees nine pairs of everyday people endure physical and psychological challenges at Bond-inspired locations, for their shot at £1 million. They will also be under the watchful eye of Succession actor Brian Cox, who plays the on-screen mastermind, “The Controller”. It marks the Bond brand’s debut outside of the silver screen and on unscripted TV, featuring its iconic settings, paraphernalia, and theme music.

james bond

It’s set to be the next addition to the James Bond franchise since 2021’s No Time To Die, with the latest being the new top-down mobile game Cypher 007 released in September 2023. Bond has mostly appeared in a myriad of video games with Golden Eye released for the Nintendo 64 being one of the most beloved. Speaking to The Guardian, producer Barbara Broccoli hopes that this series can fill fans’ hunger for Bond in the meantime. She adds that the show carries the “same ethos of heroism, courage and fortitude we do in the movies … I think it’s really good entertainment and that’s what people need”.

However, Broccoli reiterated that their priority remained on the movies. “Our focus is making the feature films. When we get going on a Bond movie it takes our full attention for three or four years so that’s our focus.”

007: Road to a Million will air on 10 November, on Prime Video.