If you are even remotely interested in video games, then the big microtransactions kerfuffle of 2017 will still be fresh on your mind. The main target of gamers’ vitriol and annoyance has been Electronic Arts and the microtransactions mess that was Star Wars Battlefront II (we still liked the game though). While the argument over microtransactions and loot boxes will likely rage on for a while, the fact that gamers just wanna have fun will always be true.

Enter Pink Darth Vader.First reported on GameWatcher, the mod made by modder Destauch is live on Nexus Mods. While you do not get any fancy new powers, you will definitely look fabulous as a pink Vader. The mod was made in response to Electronic Arts CFO, Blake Jorgensen’s comments in November about a Pink Darth Vader not being right in the Star Wars canon.

Jorgensen said EA’s commitment to realism and canon is why loot boxes for Star Wars Battlefront II contained usable items rather than just cosmetics, which can be easily game-breaking. The mod’s description pokes more fun at the executive, stating that it’s “for those who may not necessarily be concerned about ‘canon’ in their Star Wars videogame.”

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In addition, another set of enterprising modders has made the infamous Kylo Ren/Matt The Technician character come to life. Thanks to GameTSF and ricksterlol, players can now take the shredded and non-punk bitch technician on a tear!

Gamers, never change.

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