PDP’s New REALMz Game Controllers Have Collectible Figurines Inside The Grip

It was only a matter of time before someone started making officially licensed see-through game controllers with collectible figurines contained within. Video game peripheral maker PDP has just done it, starting with a line of Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch game controllers that house a “collectible figurine inside the grip”.

As part of their new line of REALMz products, which includes headsets too, PDP plans to take the worlds of your favorite games and transport them into a controller or headset. You can then collect, display, and play with these eye-catching gaming accessories.

Apart from Sonic, there are also Tails and Knuckles variants to choose from, and they each will come in wired (US$39.99) and wireless (US$59.99) versions. There is currently also Sonic Xbox X|S & PC Wired Controller available at US$49.99.

PDP also plans to roll out a Pikmin-themed Nintendo Switch Controller this winter.

We’re not too sure if this idea would become a thing or not, but it sure would be cool to see future releases for Metroid, Zelda and Super Mario perhaps? Or perhaps add some movement or lighting features to the figurines, integrated with the rumble feature. That would be pretty sweet. The possibilities are endless!