Overwatch Characters Reimagined as Marvel Cast in Marvel-lous Fan Art

Fan art makes up a huge part of the fandom community, spawned from a tight circle of talented creators. Drawing inspiration from different sources, these individuals never cease to amaze, bringing refreshing twists to the table, and breathing new life into existing pieces of art.

Crossovers are a perpetual favourite, a testament to the endless breadths of one’s creativity. Even overused concepts have the spin of novelty to them, for every artwork is unique in its own way.

Artist Boss Logic’s Overwatch x Marvel Crossover is one such example.

In a series of six art pieces, Overwatch characters have been reimagined as their could-be Marvel counterparts: Cyclops (Soldier:76), Iron-Man (Genji), Captain Marvel (Zarya), Ghost Rider (Reaper), Winter Soldier (McCree), Hawkeye (Hanzo), and Thanos (Doomfist).

All photo credits to Boss Logic (ArtStation)

While this is hardly the first time these two fandoms have threaded upon each other’s territory, the Australian creator’s reel is particularly impressive. Every detail is very finely mapped out against a blanket of illustrated smoke, and the respective Overwatch and Marvel personalities suit each other right down to a tee. Ingenious.

In fact, the hint of similarity is so explicitly obvious that no knowledge of either lore is needed to appreciate the fine craftsmanship – just taking a look at their designs will do the trick. Soldier:76 and his visor? Essentially the Overwatch version of Cyclops. Genji and his cyborg body? Iron-Man’s the right choice. The list goes on.

Among the impressive line-up, the Ghost Rider-themed Reaper, Thanos-inspired Doomfist, and Iron-Man Genji come across as personal favourites.

Fan artists, never stop. May you guys continue to bless fandoms with amazing art, as the rest of us bask in awe of your artistic abilities.

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