Go on a Puzzling Adventure with SUTD Game Lab’s Mobile Game Kinetikos!

It’s always a cause for celebration when local game developers publish their new titles in the market. A badge of pride, hard work, and passion, that’s an achievement in itself, regardless of the scale of the project.

For SUTD Game Lab, the feat came in the form of Kinetikos, a puzzle-based game revolving around the push-and-pull mechanics of gravity. Following an earlier announcement about its development process, the game has finally been launched on January 24, 2018 for both iOS and Android at the cool price of free!

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A brief synopsis of the game reads:

When an average day campus turns into an adventure, it’s up to you to help Dan and Rinka navigate this cavalcade of dizzying puzzles and floating isles! After an experiment disrupts the natural concepts of gravitational forces, they’ve found themselves trapped among isles that were once parts of their campus. Join them as they attempt to restore the law of physics with naught but their wit…and a couple of gravity guns!

Much like other similar puzzle-genre titles in the market, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are the player’s key weapons. From manipulating chairs to switches and lasers, the ultimate challenge lies in solving these perplexing entries with as few moves as possible – a prerequisite for an all-star stage completion that’s bound to keep all the completionists constantly on their toes.

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The concept behind Kinetikos is built upon rather unusual ground, borne from the idea of promoting SUTD’s upcoming Open House in March 2018. As such, there are many interesting references that point to its local roots, including the university’s signature cohort classrooms, and a 350-year-old pavilion donated by Jackie Chan himself. That, in addition to the clean and vibrant art style, makes it a keeper.

Paying homage to the old-school gaming culture, the game also comes attached with a level editor, so the fun continues even as the main story is completed. A creative playground for players, this is where streaks of imagination run rampant, and craziness lords over conventional thinking. The possibilities are great; pit your friends’ intellectual prowess against your unorthodox puzzles, or help Dan and Rinka rebuild the campus in the most inventive way possible.

An adventure for both lovers of the genre and casual gamers alike, Kinetikos promises to deliver immersive fun in the name of puzzle-solving. GLHF, fellow puzzlers!

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