Omnidesk Rolls Out Cololight Accessories & More To Give Your Battle Stations More RGB

The upcoming months are especially exciting with a slew of games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Marvel’s Avengers being released. And building on this hype is Omnidesk running a sale for levelling up gamers’ home setups from 24 to 30 August 2020.

Moreover, the company will have two new products, the Cololight Pro (starts from S$69) and Cololight Strip (S$89) launching on the same day, to RGB-up your battle stations. Omnidesk also just launched a new game-centric space on their website to illustrate how gamers can play better and longer by improving their ergonomics.

And speaking of ergonomics, the new Omnidesk Pro 2020 will allow gamers to experience maximum comfort. With the reduced exhaustion experienced in your wrists and arms, you can finally play longer and aim for that high gaming performance you need.

Here are some Gaming Week Discount Codes you can take advantage of:

  • GAME20 for S$20 off S$400
  • GAME40 for S$40 off S$900
  • GAME60 for S$60 off S$1300
  • GAME90 for S$90 off S$2000
  • SW35 for 35% off Omnidesk Switch & Switch Pro

There will also be a Flash Sale for Omnidesk Zero. The first 20 customers who quote 30OFF will be eligible for S$30 off their Omnidesk Zero purchase. More details on the gaming week sale can be found on Omnidesk’s website.