Official First Look At LEGO Marvel 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard Set

LEGO has finally unveiled a new set from the Infinity Saga wave, the 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard. Although we’ve seen a glimpse of what the set looked like with the leaks circulating the web, seeing the official images in all of its high-quality glory remains superior.

The set features Thor’s living quarters after Thanos had wiped half of the universe out with a snap. There he shares the space with his best buds, Korg and Miek which the set has included as well for the full New Asgard experience. The two minifigures shows Thor in all his unkempt glory and Korg with his vacation outfit which is an accurate representation of the scene from Avengers: Endgame. Miek is also included and built with a lavender headpiece and two flower pieces.

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The LEGO 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard set contains 265 pieces and are filled with many details such as empty beer bottles and even leftover pizza boxes. This upcoming Marvel LEGO set will be available globally from 1 August 2021, retailing for US$29.99.

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