Official Dungeon & Dragons Resources Released FREE Daily To Help Us Stay Indoors

One thing that some folks might really miss right now is having to meet up physically and roll dice over good ol’ tabletop gaming.

The sensation of being able to beat an impossible task with a fortuitous dice roll and hear the table erupt in cheers is something not easily replicated.

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But with technology, we geeks will just have to make the best of it.

Wizards of the Coast, the makers of Dungeons & Dragons has just launched a new online resource with tons of material for both new players and experienced ones looking to play remotely.

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This is a great time for folks who are stuck indoors to try an aspect of geekdom without shelling a pretty penny. All you need are friends!

With daily releases (Mondays to Fridays), these sets of free Dungeons & Dragons resources are great for anyone looking to get their feet wet. The only thing needed is the fair bit of reading needed.

There’s even more resources to get younger geeks involved as well in the form of kid friendly adventures and even colouring material.

Even if you don’t have dice on hand, SIRI and Google Assistant even allow for commands such as “Hey Google, Roll D Twenty” to simulate the roll of a twenty-sided die.

To ensure that you’re well supported with additional resources to improve the gaming experience, Wizards of the Coast has also put together more tips and tricks to help get you up to speed.

As always, there’s a whole lot of material we’ve put together to help you pass the time indoors from cartoons, board games, and even co-op video games!