Oculus Quest 2 Leaked, Doubles Resolution To 4K With More RAM & Storage

In a snafu of sorts, Facebook and Oculus’ latest product, the long-rumoured Oculus Quest 2, has been leaked. Two promotional videos were accidentally uploaded, resulting in the earlier-than-expected reveal of the revision of the headset.

The videos included live demos of the headset, as well as a detailed breakdown of the Oculus Quest 2’s specs. Originally scheduled for 16 and 17 September, the reveal coincides with the Facebook Connect conference. That would have been a perfect place to share this breaking news.

This follows an earlier leak back in July, where images of the headset were unearthed.

The videos also revealed the “almost 4K display” of the Oculus Quest 2, which makes it 50% more powerful in terms of resolution than the Quest. RAM has also been upped to 6GB from 4GB, and storage is doubled to 256GB.

The leak has since been acknowledged by vice president of Facebook Labs, Andrew Bosworth.

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