Now Is the Perfect Time To Jump Into The Division 2, Thanks To The Episode 1 DLC

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 remains one of our most-played and beloved games of 2019, and the shooter is only getting better with the constant updates that Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have put out.

Part of the roadmap of free DLC content, Episode 1 dropped last month, bringing two new Story missions, as well as a host of other gameplay experiences that give players more content to enjoy.

Not only do you get to venture out of Washington D.C., but the added story helps extend the lore even further. It does not hurt when it looks so damn good as well, and of course, the shooting remains as fun as the first shot.

Aside from that, there is also the Expedition, a new set of missions that task players with investigating a mystery in the Kenly College. These more puzzle-based content require a little more exploring and thinking on the players’ part, and certainly freshens up the formula.

The developers have also added the Discovery difficulty to Operation Dark Hours, The Division 2‘s raid, allowing players to enjoy the content, albeit without the best rewards. There are also Classified Assignments that add even more colour to the world of The Division 2.

It would not be a significant update without balancing, and the major talking point is how the developers are making skill builds viable again. Previously, pure damage was the go-to for most players, especially in the raid, but the team is constantly tweaking and skill builds can actually contribute significantly now, which is good news for everyone.

Free updates and even more awesome content to play through, if Ubisoft continues to support The Division 2 like its other live service games, we could be in for a hell of a time down the road.

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