Nostalgic Winamp Museum Of 65,000 Skins Brings Back The 90s Aesthetics

The 90s was a time of grunge, hip-hop and an active rave scene mashed up with the rise of new technologies. And long before Spotify, Winamp was THE media player for everyone.

It was truly a time of customisable interfaces, for anyone willing to battle through hours of coding and HTML. What made Winamp so special was that it allowed for easier personalisation of playlists and skins. Tons of skins made by dedicated artists were available online for everyone to share.

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Now, we can finally take a trip down this memory lane. Jordan Eldredge, a Facebook engineer is bringing the nostalgic skins back with the Winamp Skin Museum. It’s a psychedelic site dedicated to endless scrolling of over 65,000 Winamp skins. These are free for download or can be used with the dedicated MP3 player on the site itself.

The Winamp skins have various themes such as Marvel, Movies, Anime, Gaming, Sci-fi, dedications to particular artists, and a whole other concoction of indiscernible designs. The MP3 player even features the mysterious It really whips the llama’s ass intro by DJ Mike Llama.

Artists who wish to try their hand at creating their skins can also submit them to Eldredge for him to share. Anyone who wishes to relive their 90s nostalgia can explore the Winamp Skin Museum. As for those who just found out about Winamp, we’re sure you’ll love the little retro look these skins can add to your PCs.