Nissin Releases Gaming Curry Cup Noodles With Caffeine For Japanese Gamers

If there’s anything gamers love, it is a good cup noodle to keep them company throughout a night of gaming. Hence, instant ramen company Nissin is releasing Gaming Cup Noodle and Gaming Curry Meshi for gamers in Japan.

gaming cup noodle

The Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba contains minced pork, shrimp, egg, cabbage, garlic, black pepper as well as caffeine, arginine and niacin. Instead of having a broth base noodle too, Nissin’s Gaming Cup Noodles will be serving fried noodles so gamers don’t have to worry about getting their hands or peripherals dirty when making noodles between games.

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The Gaming Meshi Energy Ginger Keema Curry on the other hand features rice, a fragrant and spicy roux with a hint of ginger, onion base, tomato and pork.

Aside from the convenience, gamers will also enjoy the instant meal’s cup design that mimics the look and aesthetic of RGB gaming LED lights.

Nissin will be releasing their Gaming Cup Noodles and Gaming Curry Meshi on 18 September, just before the Tokyo Game Show 2023. They will be available in stores around Japan from 280 yen (S$2.59).