Nintendo Reveals The Different Ways To Tee Off With Your Friends In Mario Golf: Super Rush

Sick of racing? Try golfing. With just over a month to go until the launch of Mario Golf: Super Rush, Nintendo has dropped an all-new overview trailer to teach us all about the new game from its 16 character roster to its centerpiece feature, Speed Golf.

The trailer reveals that the game is a blend of the real-life game with the Mario Kart-inspired power-ups including stamina, boost, curve, spin, and character-focused special moves. To name a few, Bowser can blasts away balls on impact, and Luigi can freeze the ground.

mario golf

Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to play with up to four friends locally or online on a variety of courses. The game also has a number of fun modes that users can play to experience the world of Mario Golf.

First up, Speed Golf. This mode lets you and up to three friends tee off at once and then race to your balls to hit them again. Speed is the name of the game, so the way to win this game is to be the first person among your friends to put your ball in the hole.

And then. there’s Battle Golf. More or less similar to Speed Golf with additional special rules. In Battle Golf, there are nine holes on one single course and the way to win is to be the first to claim three holes.

mario golf

Love flying solo? Then Golf Adventure may be for you. Golf Adventure is a single-player campaign that well… let’s you go on a golfing adventure. Throughout the adventure, players will meet with challenges and compete in golf-based boss battles. You can level up your golfer, engage with Mushroom Kingdom locals and train your golfers too.

If you never thought you’d ever get into golf, then Mario Golf: Super Rush is your way in. Whether it’s the crazy game modes or the 16-character roster full of familiar beloved faces, Mario Golf: Super Rush is bound to be an exciting adventure.

 Mario Golf: Super Rush launches on the Nintendo Switch on 25 June 2021.

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