Nintendo Labo Busts Out A VR Kit For The Switch

The versatility of the Nintendo Switch can and should never be underestimated. It’s brought tons of entertainment to the hands of many a consumer since 2017, with the likes of instant multiplayer hits such as Super Smash Bros., console-grade games such as Dark Souls and modern classics such as Breath of the Wild, as well as the upcoming new generation of Pokémon, dubbed Sword & Shield.

This time, the Switch has gone up another level in that utility factor, with the announcement of the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit for the Switch.

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Nintendo Labo VR Kit

The VR Kit will come in two versions: a US$40 starter set that includes the base VR software goggles in your standard DIY Nintendo Labo cardboard cutout, as well as a blaster attachment; and a full set worth US$80 that contains everything the starter set has, as well as four other attachments: an elephant, a camera, a bird and a wind pedal.

Nintendo Labo VR Kit Starter Set

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit and Nintendo Labo VR Kit Starter Set both launch officially on April 12.

Not immersive enough for you? Go full-on Transformers/Pacific Rim with the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, which is available now. Although this isn’t VR, it’s similar in a sense because you’ll be controlling the in-game robot using your movements, more akin to how the Nintendo Wii works.

The Robot Kit provides you with a visor to house the Switch Joy-Cons at the sides of your head and the goggles out front, and a backpack complete with adjustable straps and attachments to your legs and arms to allow you to simulate a robot in-game.

Now that Nintendo has lifted the lid on VR gaming for the Switch, perhaps in time we could be experiencing Breath of the Wild in VR…

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