Nexon And Marvel Games Venture Into Mobile CCG With Marvel Battle Lines!

In a crowded marketplace for mobile apps and games, it is hard to stand out from the crowd. The amount of derivative content is endless, often times successful apps see copycats spring up swiftly to vie for market share, and it is of paramount importance to have something unique to offer to users.

For Nexon and Marvel Games‘ latest digital card game, Marvel Battle Lines, the cachet of Disney and Marvel’s brand names is more than enough to catch gamers’ eyes.

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With plenty of Marvel’s catalogue of heroes and villains to work with and an original story penned by Alex Irvine, there is plenty to love about Marvel Battle LinesA robust singleplayer campaign is complemented by the endless search for new cards, player versus player battles, weekly and monthly events, guilds and much more create an addictive experience that will be right at home with any Marvel fan.

Gameplay is simple to grasp but hard to master, with the battlefield separated into 4 x 3 rows. Successfully lining up your characters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally leads to an attack, deplete your foe’s health and you win. The strategy comes into play when you are weighing up summoning costs, offensive and defensive stats, and special abilities.

Marvel Battle Lines looks set to be a mobile title with enough depth to rival other collectable card games (CCG), and we could not be more excited.

Yes, there are certainly microtransactions involved when it comes to such freemium titles, but to Nexon and Marvel Games’ credit, they are not egregious and certainly not needed for one to enjoy Marvel Battle Lines on its own.

Extra card packs can be bought with real money, or the in-game currency, and there are plenty of opportunities to stockpile the in-game currency, so pay-to-win is less of an issue. Cards come by relatively often, allowing players to level up their decks and face even tougher challenges as they climb the ranks.

In the weeks since the game’s release, Nexon and Marvel Games have been diligent in updating Marvel Battle Lines and overall, we have been having a blast and experiencing little to no issues in terms of bugs or glitches. If you have been looking for a Marvel-branded CCG to make that commute easier, Marvel Battle Lines is here to save the day.

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